A Neat Little Bottle of Bass

At 10a.m. we sighted like a large rock standing out of the water on our starboard bow, as we passed it on our starboard it proved to be the island a ‘Pantellaria’*, we saw what appeared to be a town on the slopes of the north side of the island.   After passing this island we never saw any more land to day.

During the afternoon one of the Sergts of the Queens was taken queer and had to be operated on immediately.  The ship increased her speed, as there was not so much roll on her then, while the operation was in progress.

Just after I relieved one of my sentries, I was standing on on of the after hatchways when a medical orderly brought up the waste from the operation in a meat tin and threw it over board, this did not effect me from having a good supper a few minutes later, of meat sandwich, onion, and a neat little bottle of Bass.



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