Coast of Tunis

Reveille, Rise at 6.30 and clean up for guard.  Mounted with the Guard at 8a.m.past 6 guards at different positions about the troops mess deck, which are to be relieved every 2 hours.

Some parts of the ship on the mess decks it is very sultry and is a wonder how the fellows can really stand it.  Many fellows who have been inoculated are going very sick through the heat they have to contend with.

This morning the distance on our starboard side is the coast of Tunis, between us and the mainland is two large rocks standing out of the water similar to the Rock of Gibraltar but not near so high. The rocks rise straight out of the water a splendid effect is produced as the morning sun was shining on them.

The sentry who was on last night told us that a Cruiser shone its searchlight on us from about 5 miles away, it then made straight for us to within 500 yards and then made off, so we believe to have been either French or a British boat.

On our starboard is a French cruiser steaming up the Meditterranean Sea.

On our port side about a mile away was a water spout which came right out of the sky and joined the water, it finished quickly in a immense volume of steam as it appeared to us. These spouts are dangerous to small shipping – if they are near they are likely as not to get swamped!

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