Search Lights at Malta

About 8.30pm we started to see a flashlight on the horizon, when we had travelled further we found out that it was the search lights at Malta.

Then lights out, now being on Guard there is not much to worry you on board except those who sleep on deck and sprawl about the gangways, in their sleep, and they are lucky if they don’t get trod on as we march by, when posting your sentries.

The first land we could see in the moonlight was the Island of Tozo*.  Very soon afterwards we were off Malta and abreast of Valetta** the capital of Malta Island.

We were about 6 miles of Valetta, the searchlights very visible and every now and again the effect of the light was very good, when it shone behind the island of Tozo and showed the outline up to great advantage. At 11pm we have too of Valetta.

It now started to thunder and lighten and rain, but this soon passed over.

Nothing happened during the course of my duty, except post the sentries every 2 hours.  Three sentries were caught asleep by the orderly officer, but these being under another Sergt did not concern me next day when brought in front of the commanding officer they were given one weeks scrubbing as punishment.


* Gozo is the correct name, however Frank wrote Tozo
** Valletta

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