Up Country to Jubbulpore

To day is about the first day of work we have had since we were embarked at Southampton.

All the Guns, Wagons, ammunitions, baggage, etc. was disembarked and entrained on the train that was awaiting to take us to our destination.

Along side the quay no signs of motors, or horse drawn vehicles, all kinds of traction is done by two wheel garries on carts, with yoked oxen attached.

All the work of loading of the stores, etc. aboard the train were completed by the evening or late in the afternoon.

After tea our last meal on the ‘Grantully Castle’ we parade at seven o’clock on the quay in Marching Order ready to board the train.

The journey which was taking us the best part of two days, we therefore were served out with a blanket each to sleep with.

At 9pm we were all in the train and had started on our way up country to Jubbulpore, travelling all night next day and the following night.  Not much sleep was to be had while the train was in motion.

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