H.M.A.S. Sydney

Turn out of bed 7.15. Still laying at Aden.

The anglers are at work to day having some very good sport, a small specimen of shark is ‘landed’ or I should say decked to be precise.

See a swordfish which is darting about after the millions of small fry, that infest these waters, causing them some times to jump clean out of the water.

We see the H.M.A.S. Sydney steam into the haven.  The compliments of the troops were signalled to her “The heartiest compliments from the R.F.A. Queens and Surreys”, she answered “Thanks”.

This warship as we all know was the one which caused the “Emden” to see her last days*.

Lecture in the evening by our Brigade Sergt. Major on our work in India in general.

Two cases of fever were taken ashore here, this evening.

After dark the searchlights from the shore played on the boats in the haven, had a very good effect and showed us the other craft anchored there to advantage.

Quiet evening spent on boat deck.  Retire 9.15, more heats of the boxing have been in progress during the day.


* The cruiser HMAS Sydney sunk the German raider Emden on 9 November 1914 – the first ever wartime action by an Australian warship.

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