Nairne Barracks

[…] wake up early in the morning perished with [cold…] to make Jubbulpore Station at 10 o’clock.

[Alight] the train with all our baggage in Marching [Order], we are fell in and marched to the Nairne Barracks about 1 1/2 miles away, after placing all our kit bags on 2 waiting bullock carts.

After been shown our quarters, etc for the battery, All have a hot meal that has been prepared for us.

After this meal, a fatigue party was arranged to fetch the guns away from the station. [On arriving] found all the work disentraining the […] had been done by natives, and native […] with their team were waiting for us to hook in, after this being completed we were taken back to the barracks on the vehicles.

The Barracks is a very picturesque place, much similar to a well wooded park, many nice bungalows and nice gardens laid out.

Buss = finish


Note: this diary entry is on the final sheet of Frank’s diary which is very damaged and I have guessed at some of the wording in order to give a complete story – this and missing text is noted between square brackets […].

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