Warmer Weather

In the afternoon go on the Officers boat deck to witness sports that are going to take place in the competitions.  Bucket quoits, Deck Quoits, driving through bottle blindfolded etc.

Two of the officers gave an exhibition spar at boxing, but by the time they finished it was more like fighting, the way they knocked one another about.

While all this was in progress selections were being played by the Band of the 6th East Surrey Regiment which livened things up a bit.

After the boxing bout. The Officers versus the Sergts tug of war.  The Sergt won the first heat very easy, the 2nd heat was won by the Officers after a very hard and long pull. 3rd heat came to the Sergts after a quick and decisive pull.

After tea quiet chat on the boat deck, lovely moonlight night and slight ripple on the waves, and pleasant breeze give a pleasing effect after a rather hot day.

The weather getting much warmer now during the day, much different to what we encountered in the Atlantic.  Removed a great deal of heavy under clothing today, and sleep less 1 blanket now.

The B’hoys are holding their usual evening boxing again, and the 3rd Kent lads are figuring very well against great odds in the art of self defence.

In the distance on the starboard side can be seen a light house flashing its warning from the coast of Algeria.

After a quiet evening in the smoke room retire at 8.30. Lights out 9pm.

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