Coasts of Spain and Africa

Reveille. Walk on deck before breakfast and was surprised to see land so soon on our port side.  Very mountainous and picturesque as the light of the sun shone on the mountain sides, it proved to be the south east corner of Spain.

The sky is clear and a slight breeze making small wavelets on the surface, and the freshness of the morning has a most pleasant effect, quite a contrast to which we had experienced in the Atlantic.

The sun as it rose had a splendid effect on the water, colours which could not be exaggerated by the brush of an Artist.

The coast of Spain was noticeable till 11am, owing to the clearness of the atmosphere, we must have been quite 100 miles away from it at that time.

Another shoal of porpoises passed us going west, these are getting quite common to us now and not so much excitement as when we saw the first shoal.

Steaming East by a few points North now.

Many entries are made for the forthcoming sports by the fellows of my sub.

At 2.30 while a physical drill on the starboard side of the vessel we saw very mountainous land, on the horizon not very distinct proved to be the north coast of Africa (Algeria).

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