Straight Forward Traders

Once on shore we started to stretch our legs in the direction of Suez 2 1/2 miles away.

About 100 yards down the road we were accosted with several sorts of conveyances to go to Suez – Victorias, Donkeycarts, saddled ponies, mules, and donkeys.  Their prices were all much too high, most of the natives we encountered seem to know we were strange to the place and rushed us accordingly.

On fellow in Victoria we fixed our own price to go to Suez at 6d each, he decided to take us at that and we had no further bother. The cabman seems quite a decent sort compared with the boatman.

We had a walk up the main street and was not at all a clean place by the untidy appearance of it.  Purchase a few postcards of Egypt and then made them open up at the Post Office for some stamps to post them.

The official at the P.O. was very patient with us,although it was hard to make ourselves understood at first.

Most of the tradesmen we dealt with put the prices on a great deal.  Some were more straight forward than others, they received our custom.

Bought some dates at a greengrocers not having enough change in English money, he asked me if I would mind Arabian change.  I consented then he told me I had not quite got the value of my change, he gave me a handful of dates to bring us quits.  I quote this to show that there is some straight forward traders amongst this motley crew and do not take advantage of us being ignorant of the native money.

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