Back Aboard Our Boat

After spending an interesting hour in Suez we started to walk back to the Quay at Tewfik*.

We learnt that the boys here are much after our own for being cruel to living things, we found one little kid with a bird, tied on to a piece of string by its leg.  I tried to induce him to let it go but he wasn’t having any.  I offered him a French coin to let it go, but no he would not thinking it was only a blind, he refused to part with it.

He at last came round to us both having hold of half of what we should exchange, and to exchange so when I received the bird he would receive the coin, my word the youngsters as well as the grownups are as artful as monkeys about this part of the world.

On receiving the bird I let it go free, for this kind action I lost my boat and made me half hour late returning to my ship.

When we arrived back at the quay by chance there was a boat handy, but the mistrustful boatmen would not take us to our ship till we paid up before leaving.  After a lot of arguing we were under way and was put aboard our boat.  Nothing was said about us being late.

The rest of the day passed without event.

We shifted our position about to 3 miles away to make room for another convoy coming from India.

Retired to bed early about 7.30 tired out.


* Port Taofik / Tawfiq

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