Miserable Old Devil

Sunday. Stroll round the deck first thing. Hardly a breeze now blowing.

Orderly Sergt for the week.  Some men who against orders had come on shore with us, (men in charge of the messes) had to parade at the Battery office, receiving for their disobedience scruffing for the rest of the voyage.

Church Parade at 10a.m. 2nd Kent Battery attend.

All NCOs above the rank and including Corpls were allowed on shore from 11am to 2pm.  I got a pass and in company with 2 officers and about 12 other NCOs we hired a native boatman to put us ashore.

About 500 yards from the shore he stopped rowing to collect the money, he seeing we were only paying him 6d a head he demanded 1/- and kicked up such a disturbance and would not land us till we paid it.

Uncomplimentary remarks were passed “chuck him in the water” etc.  We had bit of a scuffle with him and was going to duck him in the water and row ourselves to shore, seeing us determined he subsided and remained calm but was muttering curses under his breath to us.

For his last bit of good behaviour we collect 1/- worth of coppers for him, on giving it to him remarked “Here you are you miserable old Devil”, he remarked “Tank you Sar. Plenty much money, Sar” and bowed to us when we left his boat.

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