Steaming for Valletta

As daylight is dawning we can see the outline of Malta.  During the night we had drifted west several miles, from Valetta.

Reveille, then relieve the last guard at 6a.m., now between us and the Island is a convoy of 17 transports passing us steaming west, with a Battleship as an escort.  I presume that they are British troops on the way to England from India, from where we are going to be stationed.

At 7am we started steaming for Valetta.

A tug came out to meet us, the captain spoke us through a megaphone, telling us what harbour to proceed to, also gave instruction for us to take the wireless apparatus down.

Whilst steaming into the harbour we passed a French gunboat and submarine, the frenchmen on board cheered us as we passed.

Just on entering the harbour a French Battleship came out flying her colours, the saluted as they passed, we returned the compliment by dipping our colours.  The French and British cheering heartily as they passed one another.

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