Jacket for a Pillow

We had to make ourselves as comfortable as possible for the night in some grain sheds along the quayside.

A packet of cigarettes, orange and apple was served to each man, rather reminded us of our younger days at a tea fight or Xmas party.

Luckily in the sheds was many grain sacks filled with chaff, but the number was inadequate for the troops, then there was a rush to see who was to have them to sleep on, those who did not manage to get one had to sleep on the bare floor, concrete.  The wind was very boisterous last thing to night.

I manage to get out for about an hour from 9 to 10 with one or two other Sergts, there was no where to go so contented ourselves in the Bazaar Francaise with a small glass of beer, biscuit and cheese.

Returned home at 10 to find no room in our part of the shed to sleep, so had to cast round for fresh lodgings, and found some other Sergts in a spare compartment which had a boarded floor, thinking this would make a better bed than concrete decided to turn in here.  Absolutely tired out, took off my jacket used it as a pillow and laid down, with back flat on the floor, had a splendid sleep, could not wish for better.

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