No-One Aboard

On marching back from Suez, we found it had come up too windy and rough and it was not safe to put us aboard from the lighters, so we were awaiting the storm to abate, which did occur this day.

The officers started to prepare us for a stay all night.  The Q.M.S Sergt was sent to get some provisions for us.

The only place within reason where we could buy anything of european style was at the ‘Bazaar Francaise’ as the name indicates it was a french turn out.

The bill of fare for dinner consisted 1 bottle of lemonade or cordial between 2 men, a piece of bread and cheese.  I struck lucky, managed to have a bottle of lager beer all to my own check, this cost a 1/- for a pint.  Old soldiers telling us it was cheap at that price and to think ourselves lucky if we could always manage to get at such a low price.

Tea time came along no signs of getting aboard, all men were served with 1/4 of a loaf and a bottle of drink.  Hardly had this been issued than a tug came along side the quay to take us off to our ship, after getting all aboard we put to sea, and after a rough passage the tug came up alongside our floating home, but not before we had shipped many a large sea over our port side.

We steamed up off the port bow and cast anchor, but soon a heavy sea caught us and caused us to drift amid ships.   A small line was thrown aboard and heavy rope made us fast.  A large wave then struck us and caused us to break adrift, we were now broadside on to the sea, with waves coming over our port side, after drifting clear we got up steam again and came along the starboard side, and dropped anchor a line was thrown repeatedly but dropped short each time.

The Capt of Grantully Castle gave orders that he would not take anyone aboard that night as it was too dangerous a concern, as the sea was running heavy and night was falling fast.

The Capt of the tug said he could manage to get us aboard but our Captain would not hear of it and we returned again to the shore.

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