In the Red Sea

Reveille 6 am. Wash and turn out 6.45.

Well in the Red Sea now, bright blue sky, smooth sea, and very hot.  Very rugged land on our Port side, to day we passed the Sinai peninsular.

From 2pm 3rd Kent Bty hold their sports.  Bucket quoits, Potato Race, driving through bottles, wheelbarrow races and boxing.  The very many entries for all competitions makes a very enjoyable and exciting afternoon.  We were rather limited to space, so could not carry out everything to advantage.

Band playing the latter part of the afternoon.

Spend a quiet evening on boat deck smoking and chatting about things in general, what little war news we get by wireless is well digested.

Most of the lights on the vessel are extinguished.

Retire at 9.15 pm.

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