Steaming Away from Suez

Reveille 6. Turn out 6.30.

8.15 Up anchor and start steaming away from Suez.  Everyone is glad to move, as it is getting very monotonous hanging about in the one place.

9 o’clock all blankets are got out for airing, all of them being tied to a long rope, then attached to a pulley and hoisted up to the mast head.

While laying at Suez we heard of 2 German boats being captured in the Red Sea by the British.  We see one of these steamers steam passed us manned by our blue jackets, the usual enthusiastic cheering went on as the prize went by.

At 5.15pm was a parade of NCOs of the 3rd Kent Battery on the boat deck, when the sentence of the Corporals Court Martial was read, being found guilty he was reduced to the ranks.

Sea now choppy and a lovely starlight night.

At 7.45pm Just entering the Red Sea, our escort Cruiser HMS Minerva signalled us to put out all lights, about 8.30 a light house just visible from the shore.

Retire at 9.15 pm this evening troops have a concert on deck which was hurriedly made up.


Photo shows HMS Minerva

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