A Glorious Moonlight Night

Steaming in South Westerly direction, sea choppy but moderated from last thing previous evening.

Later on in day still steaming in a Southerly direction.  By steaming west at first and then south, we avoided crossing the main part of the bay of Biscay, which no doubt was mined, as one of the crew informed us.

At 11am Physical Drill on deck, not much room to move being a very limited area for exercise we were greatly cramped.

During the day sighted French Battleship which is now acting as our escort, can now see all our convoy. 10 ships in all, from noon till 8pm we made 91 knots, we had been steaming on an average 113 knots an hour.

Just before I retired I strolled up on the deck, it was a glorious moonlight night with squalls of rain at intervals, the effect of the moonlight on the clouds and water was magnificent, sea now moderating a bit.

9pm. Lights out.

12 midnight ship commences to roll greatly and my rest in the night being interrupted by occasionally hearing the smashing of glass and bottles, which fell off the shelves in the bar when the boat rolled.

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