Elbow Grease

Sunday. The usual Sunday early morning bath.

After dinner too hot to rest Early morning about 2am too hot in bunk, go on boat deck for a little breath of fresh air.  On our port stern in the distance a light house is quite visible but no actual sight of land in the vicinity.

At 5.30 am daylight just dawning 2 large rocks projecting out of the water on our port stern.  On our starboard side land is just visible, appeared to be very mountainous, only the tops of the mountains could be seen.

Later on in the day land is just visible on both sides of the ship. Church parade at 10.15 am on boat deck.

In the latter part of the morning amuse myself mounting a locust on a board which we had caught in one of our bunks.

In afternoon pass the time doing my washing and make a good job of it at that, with soap, cold water and elbow grease included.

Retire at 8.30pm and do some sewing and darning, this is where the house wife fitted, comes in handy, what every territorial soldier has to supply himself with on mobilisation.

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