Rabbit for Dinner

Sunday morning. Reveille 6,0am and overslept till 6.45 nothing unusual I am sorry to say.

Hot bath and change underclothing, get dirty washing ready for the wash.

Sea calm, and very warm in the sun.

10.15 Church Parade for one Battery held on the boat deck.

10.30 the third parade for medical inspection of the person in general.

To day we had Rabbit for dinner it made quite a change as we have been in the habit of having beef and mutton alternate days,

2.45 Parade for inoculation.

The sea is getting a bit rough now and weather looks cloudy and a bit chilly.

We are now again in touch with the rest of our convoy, and the escort. We are expecting to arrive at Port Said about midday Tuesday.

By the evening inoculation making arm ache a bit, restless night through it.

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