Fort Burgoyne. Parade in the morning at 8.30 with our Indian helmets in Marching Order, and then inspected by the General (General Young).

10.45 Final parade, haversack rations served to men, address given to N.C.O.’s and men of the old 3rd Kent Battery by Major Page, who wished us to keep up the honour of the old 3rd Kent Battery, whether in action or if we only took a secondary part in the Great War. After we had given three cheers for our late Major we were marched off the old camping ground, while the home service men cheered us on our way, wishing us a good time and a safe return.

We were then marched to the Station, at ease, smoking, singing, whistling to ‘Will you come back to Bom bom bay’, ‘I don’t mind leaving the dear homeland’ etc. We were not allowed to sing the familiar ‘Tipperary’ although it was wanted by special request. It was no doubt though that it would be a more suitable song to sing on our way home.

On arriving at the Station there was an eager crowd of people to see us off, women occasionally wiping their eyes as they said good bye to those who were dear to them, the scene was most pathetic.

When the last of the troops were safely in the train, not improving matters for the sad ones left behind, it came to pour heavens hard with rain, drenching every one through to the skin. But nevertheless, when the train steamed out of the Station at 12 noon, the inhabitants, in spite of the torrential rain, stayed and gave three rousing cheers.

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