Cup Winner!

Frank William Critchley

This photograph is still in its frame, we’re unsure exactly when it was taken but from the dates of the competitions believe it to be 1912.

Written on the front is:
Winner of:
The Ladies Cup 1911
The Captains Cup 1912
“The Hovelling Boat Inn” Cup 1912

On the reverse are two labels:

3rd. Gunners Practical 10/-
1st. Gunners Theory 15/-
1st. 500 yds Carbine 15/-
1st. Recruits aggregate 7/6
8th. Attendance
R. Colgate 5/-
R.R. Lewis 2/6

2nd. N.C.O’s 25/-
2nd. Gun Laying 12/6
2nd. 200 yd. 12/-
1st. Handleap 15/-


The Hovelling Boat Inn was a pub in Ramsgate.

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